At Honed and Polished Concrete we’ve been turning concrete into beautiful floors for nearly a decade. Along the way we’ve learned a thing or two and developed our own products and processes to solve some common issues our clients face with concrete flooring. We can now introduce to you three of our innovations that can radically improve the look of your feature floors.


CLEARJOiNT control joint system

One way to minimise cracking is to saw cut the concrete to control where the cracking occurs. Usually this is done with a walk behind saw and works well for utility floors. Our method takes it to another level and delivers a furniture grade finish compatible with a decorative polished concrete floor. The floor is cut using a track saw and filled with a perspex insert then polished to match the floor.



Our own proprietary diamond polished concrete system, developed from extensive testing of all kinds of products and tools. It is the winner this year of the “Boral Best Decorative Concrete” award by the Master Concreter’s Assoc of Qld. This is an extremely hard wearing floor, that will look good for years and comes with a 7 year warranty.



This product is just the trick when dealing with a concrete floor that is badly damaged and just can’t be polished. MiCROFLOOR is a thin layer of engineered concrete (typically 3-5 mm) they provides a finish similar to a new concrete floor. It is then honed and sealed to provide an exciting new floor.