Concrete Floor Design Consultants

When you are designing your home, we can help by showing you options, giving you a budget and writing a specification, so you get exactly the floor your wanted.


Concrete Honing

We can hone concrete to 3 levels: Surface polishing, where we keep the patterning created by the mechanical trowel giving a continuos grey finish across the floor; Salt and Pepper, cutting slightly more to reveal the fine sand and stone to the size of a peppercorn; Full exposure, the floor is honed to reveal the stone mix within the concrete.


Diamond Polished Concrete:

Is a process of polishing a concrete floor using diamond polishing pads. It is an incredibly hard wearing product, far outlasting film coated concrete. Available in 3 gloss levels. The technology is improving year by year

Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR

Is the most widely known proprietary process for diamond polished concrete.We are fully trained and certified by Husqvarna.


Is our own diamond polishing process developed from extensive testing using the best products and tools available. Winning “Boral Best Decorative Concrete” award this year with the Master Concreter’s Association of Qld.


Film Coatings

As a more economical alternative to diamond polishing we can film coat your floor after it has been honed. For interior use we use water based polyurethane coatings with very low VOC levels, which are widely used on Terrazzo floors in shopping centres. Externally we use a UV stabilised solvent acrylic which provides a low slip, satin finish.


Concrete Micro topping

Is an engineered concrete that provides a thin but tough layer of 3-5mm over and existing floor where the concrete is not suitable for polishing. We offer two choices:


Our own product using much of our tried and tested tools and processes.The finish is grey similar to a new concrete floor


The industry leader in this technology, floors can be made to any colour you like.


Terrazzo restoration

Terrazzo is a form of decorative concrete floor tile, mostly used in commercial environments. Using our polishing skills we can revive terrazzo to as new condition.