Bardon renovated garage to childrens games room

Angela: Not sure if you remember us but you came out to Bardon in July to polish the floor in our garage. I thought you might like to see the finished look as of last weekend. It took us a fair while to get everything together as it was all dependent on time and budget but we are finally there and I am SO happy with the results. The floor definitely makes it though.

Eric has done a fantastic job of painting the walls is now just finishing off the doors for the cabinets which, when in position will blend into the room as they will have no handles. (Like a secret wall space in the Famous Five where you press the wall and it opens! Very exciting.) The three big doors down the other end hide all the stuff that is still stored in the garage and accessible by the garage door on the other side. We still have a couple of wee bits to tidy up but we are mostly done. Yay!

Thanks again for the time you spent talking through all the options and the process. It was greatly appreciated. We love the final look. It really sets the mood for the entire room and I don’t think anyone would believe a garage could look so good! View Gallery


Crystal Waters Renovation

Carolyn: In our meeting with Christopher I really appreciated how helpful he was working with us to create a floor that is just what we wanted, he really listened! And the finished product is just as he promised: great to live with, easy to clean, full of warmth and it makes a great statement. View Gallery 


Owner Builder Organic Home

Annie: We have been building a fully organic home free of toxins which has been a huge learning experience. We liked the idea of polished concrete for our bathroom but were concerned about the sealers, it was so nice that Christopher took the time to research a non toxic sealer for us; he really was a pleasure to do business with.


Mukti Botanicals Showroom (Commercial Application)

Mukti: Moving on to the next stage of growth in our business required a huge capital outlay. Setting up a showroom and a greatly increased manufacturing space meant that we needed to keep to a tight budget and time frame.
Christopher from Honed+Polished Concrete couldn’t have been more helpful, producing a great polished concrete floor within our budget and our time frame. And now we keep getting wow comments from our customers about our new floor!
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Alexandra Headland Renovated Apartment

Sam and Catherine: We were renovating our apartment in Alexandra Headland and liked the idea of polished concrete but looking at the condition of the floor we weren’t sure if it would work out. We called Honed+Polished Concrete and Christopher came out and did a sample of how the finished floor would look, we were encouraged but still a little nervous, as work progressed some of the other tradesmen took an interest. When it was completed we were ecstatic and the trades guys were amazed, their general view was “who would have believed you could make such a beautiful floor out of that ordinary looking slab”
Christopher convinced us to go with the HiPERFLOOR™ finish and it was very wise advice it’s a great floor to live with, living by the beach we potter about the place in bare feet and it feels great to walk on.

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What The Press Has To Say

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